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Ignore my previous review for Desert Cinema Productions!

Since my review of Desert Cinema Productions, I was contacted by the individual that I worked for. We resolved any issues regarding my experiences with her or the company. I greatly appreciate it, and it was the right thing for them to do. This shows DCP cares about their product. I have no issues with DCP or anyone affiliated with them. They responded to me in a very professional manner and I respect that. I also learned that technically the project I was working on wasn’t affiliated with DCP. Not only do I take back my negative feeling towards them, but since I technically worked on a project not affiliated with them, I never worked directly under Desert Cinema Productions. So if anyone decides to apply for an internship or job with Desert Cinema Productions, you can go ahead and do so without feeling cautious about their intentions. I’m sure they will give you the opportunity you are looking for. If I could, I would remove that review, but at this time does not let you remove your reviews. If and when there is a time that this website allows this feature, I will go ahead and remove that post. Again, I would like to thank all of them for personally contacting me and resolving any issues I may have had with them, or anyone else. It really meant a lot to me, and I greatly appreciate it!

Original review posted by user May 20, 2013

BEWARE DCP IS A WASTE OF YOUR TIME!In the Summer of 2012, Desert Cinema Productions offered an Internship opportunity for video editors seeking to enhance their skills, and gain credibility doing so.

When I went for the interview (in some Cafe) they suggested the opportunity wasn't just an internship, but that they were trying to build an editing house to expand their company. DCP told me that it would eventually lead to paid work, and very soon. I was intrigued, not only was I going to get an internship, but earn money as well?! Too good to be true?

Yes, of course it was. They then asked me to take some footage and edit it together as sort of a "test run". I went home, put together a video, and days later they contacted me saying that not only did they like it, but they need me to edit three more videos. I went back and forth with them, editing the videos, and meeting with them on a weekly basis.

Eventually, I asked them where the videos would be exhibited? and what was it for? I always received a vague response. The footage from these videos were horrible.

The videos were grainy, all the audio had to be re synced to the video, and some of the audio was unclear. It was a lot of work that they clearly wanted no part of. These videos needed to be reshot, but because they were working for a client, the videos were "done" and were unable to be reshot. I did the best I could with limited tools.

You can't exactly make ketchup from chocolate, if you understand what I am saying. When all the videos were done, I asked them to send me the link to the videos, or at least a link to where it would be presented. DCP told me of course, and that they had a paid job waiting for me for the next video. They said they would keep in touch with me, and even called me "one of our editors".

After a week, I wrote them an email about the new video, when can we start? and I never received a response. I never got that next paid video, and I never received a link to the work that I did. So, in other words, I don't know if I even received credit for all the work that I did.

Before the work was done, I even went out of my way 10 o clock on a Saturday night to meet with them at a street corner in downtown brooklyn.

Although this was highly unprofessional, I was desperate for an opportunity.Beware, DCP is a waste of your time!!!

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